Most of you know the difference between indoor soccer and outdoor soccer.  If not, that’s totally ok.  Throughout this article I will tell you some things you need to know about indoor soccer.  A major key thing is indoor corner flags.  There are some differences in outdoor and indoor corner flags.

Soccer is Soccer.  Generally you have the same rules for indoor and outdoor.  Differences do arise though.  For one, indoor soccer fields are made up of turf.  No grass, just artificial turf.  Also there are basically no out of bounds.  The ball can bounce off the walls and still be in.  Some similarities include the fields are both rectangular.  Both teams are still trying to kick the ball into the goal.  That never changes.

Indoor corner flags are different from outdoor corner flags.  The biggest difference between them is that indoor corner flags have to have a base of some kind.  They can’t be stabbed into the ground because there is already a floor there.  Generally indoor flags will contain a hollow base.  This makes the flag stable.  The flags also tend to be five feet tall.  You can purchase these really anywhere.  An important thing in purchasing corner flags is to always remember that they must have a base of some kind.  A good thing about purchasing indoor flags is you can use them for outdoor too. 

An important aspect of indoor soccer is having the right equipment to make the game successful.  Purchasing the right indoor corner flags will make the game a lot smoother and successful to play in.

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