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  1. The key piece of equipment you need in soccer, is a soccer goal.  The other important piece of equipment is a soccer net.  A soccer net is what stops the ball when you shoot the ball in the goal.  Now there are many different types of soccer nets.  Throughout this article I will tell you the importance of having different types of soccer nets.  Trust me, it does matter.

    When you’re choosing a soccer net to buy, it’s always important to remember who is going to use it.  Age is a very important aspect to think about when you are going to buy a soccer net.  Why I say that is because little kids hardly even touch the net when they shoot.  Older kids, teens, young adults, and adults tend to have a lot more power in their shots. 

    Soccer nets are usually made from polyethylene.  Polyethylene is a material that is a type of nylon cord.  These nets come in different sizes, heights, widths, depths, thickness, and mesh sizes.  The thickness of the net plays a key role.  Usually if the soccer players are ten years old or older, you should use a thicker net.  I would suggest using a 3mm size.  The nets come even thicker too.  Just depends on how powerful their shots can be.  The thinner the net, the easier the ball can go through it.  So always make sure to choose a thick soccer net.  A general rule of thumb is the thicker the net, the better.

    The mesh sizes are also very important.  Mesh sizes are the squares in the nets.  They come in all different sizes.  I recommend the smallest mesh size.  The reason is because the smaller the mesh size, the longer the net will last and the harder it is for the ball to sneak through if the mesh loosens and creates larger squares or holes.

    Remember, the key things to look for in a good net are the mesh size and the thickness of the net.  If you want to spend you’re money wisely then I would suggest buying a thick net, and also a small mesh size.  I can guarantee you they will last the longest. 

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