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  1. For all you soccer players, spring soccer season is just months away.  Right now you should be doing some serious soccer training.  Some of you may have already started doing soccer training, but are wondering about what type of soccer training equipment to use.  I will tell you some of my favorite soccer training equipment, and why I love it so much.

    For me dribbling is the best thing you can work on to improve your soccer skills.  The soccer equipment I use to improve my dribbling is simply soccer cones.  Now there are all types of cones.  There are carrier, disc, flat marker, multi packs, and practice cones.  For me I like the practice cones the best.  They are taller cones; therefore you have to go around the cone.  They are also the cheapest in price. 

    Another favorite soccer training equipment of mine is the rebounder.  The rebounder is used as a goal, but after you kick the ball, the ball rebounds towards you.  It can be used for simply practicing your shots or practicing being a goalie.  Personally I like it because you don’t have to have a goalie.  You can play by yourself without having to get the ball every time you shoot.  Also you can throw the ball against the rebounder, and then you can practice your stalls and volleys.

    The most basic soccer training equipment you need is a soccer ball.  You can basically do anything with a soccer ball.  You can practice your dribbling, shooting, juggling, and much more.  Having the right soccer training equipment can really help you to become better.  If you want to become a better soccer player, then just simply practice.  You can use any soccer training equipment you want, but you must simply practice.  For me when I’m watching T.V. I sometimes will stand there and practice juggling the ball.  So whenever you have a chance, do anything to practice.   

  2. If you want to be a good soccer player, then you need to practice.  Soccer cones are perfect for making your soccer skills great.  There are all kinds of soccer cones and training cones.  Training cones are the same things as soccer cones.  The only real difference is that you may use them in varying situations. 

    Your basic soccer cones are orange practice cones.  I like these cones because they are tall and easy to see.  For me, orange practice cones improved my dribbling skills the most.  The tallness of the cone forced me to go around the cone, instead of trying to go over the cone.   They are also good cones to mark off boundaries for small scrimmages.

    Disc soccer cones are also very good cones.  These cones are great for dribbling, drills, and making boundaries for a scrimmage.  My favorite use of disc cones is for drills.  For me, they are the easiest to set up and take down.  Also they are nice and easy for drills.  If you use the orange practice cones for drills, they tend to fall over.  With disc cones, they never fall over.  You can use the disc cones for any basic drill.

    A great accessory is a disc cone carrier.  Usually, disc cone carriers will hold up to over 150 cones.  This is great because it organizes the cones.  It’s so easy to stick in your car, and it won’t make a mess.  The disc cone carrier will be a great help to organizing all the cones.

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